The Company and its products are the brainchild of Dr. B. Srinivasa Amarnath. As a practitioner of Ayurveda for the past thirty years he is well versed with the benefits that Bio-Alkaloids would have on one’s body. Through observation of the impact that normally available liquor has on one’s body, Dr Amarnath followed strict protocols and trials, and deduced the normally-available liquor and the conditions, after immense brainstorming Dr. Amarnath put his efforts and came up with a protocol which was radically different. This is how the brain child, Bio-Liquors was born.

Bio Liquors are enriched with Bio Alkaloids without using synthetic flavours and colours, while giving the same intoxication levels as any other IMFL brands. The products that are described on this site are an outcome of his research.

Dr.Srinivas Amarnath along with his team of scientists comprising of Dr.B.Geetanjali, B.Srinivasa Rayalu and other team members have developed these Bio Liquor Brands.