About Us

The Company and its products are the brainchild of Dr. B. Srinivasa Amarnath. As a practitioner of Ayurveda for the past thirty years he is well versed with the benefits that Bio-Alkaloids would have on one’s body. Through observation of the impact that normally available liquor has on one’s body, Dr Amarnath followed strict protocols and trials, and deduced the normally-available liquor and the conditions, after immense brainstorming Dr. Amarnath put his efforts and came up with a protocol which was radically different. This is how the brain child, Bio-Liquors was born.

Bio Liquors are enriched with Bio Alkaloids without using synthetic flavours and colours, while giving the same intoxication levels as any other IMFL brands. The products that are described on this site are an outcome of his research.

Excessive Alcohol consumption generally results in the failure of central nervous system, liver damage and various other health complications. These Bio Blends enriched with Bio Alkaloids, invented by Dr.Srinivas Amarnath after 18 years of extensive research, while giving the same intoxication levels as any other IMFL brands, Bio Liquors Minimize the ill effects caused due to alcohol consumption.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of Ayurveda, he has been awarded:

  • a) Prestigious Indira Priyadarshini National Award by the President of India
  • b) Talented Practioner Award from Sri Venkateswara University, Andhra Pradesh.

Dr.Srinivas Amarnath along with his team of scientists comprising of Dr.B.Geetanjali, B.Srinivasa Rayalu and other team members have developed these Bio Liquor Brands.

Natural Spirits is a Biotechnology research company. Bio Blend is the unique combination of Herbal Alkaloids which is "FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD". The company manufactures alcohol formulations which are a blend of high quality grain spirits & Bio-Alkaloids. “Bio Blend” works on enhancing the richness of liquor and at the same time it minimizes the potentially harmful effects of alcohol consumption. We take pride in announcing the fact that we are the first Company in the world to have launched the Bio Blend range of alcohols.

Bio liquors are made by using Natural Grain Spirits, selected Malt Spirit, Natural Colours and enriched with Bio Alkaloids processed through Super Critical CO2 technology on ancient wonder herbs – Aloe Vera, Ashwagandha and Phyllanthus Niruri and other ingredients.

Natural Spirits identified with our capabilities to meet the increasing demand for Unique products in Liquor Industry in India and overseas. The organization believes in the concept of total quality management emphasizing on strong customer relationship management, high quality and on-schedule delivery of its products. We strive to upgrade the existing standards of quality through innovation and hard work. Our products pass through stringent quality checks to ensure that only the best product reaches to our clients. Our valued expertise has enabled us to nurture business relationships for mutual advantage and has earned an over whelming response from its client all over the world.

Our manufacturing process is one of our core strength in today's growing Liquor market. We grow Ayurvedic medicinal plants using natural methods, we use unique BIO EXTRACTION PROCESS to specifically Extract BIO ALKALOIDS from plant. This is done to maintain hygiene and confirm to the quality parameters.

The main theme of Bio Liquors is that it minimizes the ill effects caused by Liquor consumption. However, it tastes, smells and has the same feel of Inebriation just like that of any other Liquor.
The positive attributes of Bio Liquors are intended to minimize the adverse / ill effects that are generally associated with liquors manufactured using molasses based spirits and synthetic flavours & colours. The natural spirits derived from Rice, Maize, and Jowar and enriched with Bio Alkaloids in Bio Liquors have the same level of intoxication in terms of the alcoholic percentage as in the case of other IMFL brands available in the market. To minimize the ill-effects of alcoholism, Natural Spirits has developed and introduced Bio Liquors enriched with Bio Alkaloids. Bio Liquors have the innate quality of minimizing most of the ill effects.
The company have its Research & Development Unit for Bio Blend manufacturing. The company adopts stringent Quality control parameters to ensure consistent quality of its blend. Extraction Method by Dr Amarnath. The preparation and consumption of therapeutic herbs has progressed through time from vaguely measured formulas and dosages to specifically quantified amounts. Natural Spirits has own research and development centre in Bangalore. This ensures sterilized raw material for highly sensitive Liquor formulations. These laboratories are committed to develop, innovate, analyze and apply technology for products and processes and are the pioneers in providing Inspection, Testing and Certification services to the Industries across India. We pride ourselves on being a completely research oriented company. Indeed, it is this emphasis on R&D that allows us to produce safe, efficacious and consistent remedies using Ayurvedic principles. Our R&D department is focused on product development, quality control and standardization. All our products are derived through rigorous research and produced in state-of-the art facilities. They represent our commitment to continuous investment in the best people, practices and technology. We do not support "Borrowed Science" or the practice of using published literature to substantiate efficacy claims. Each Natural Spirits products undergoes years of primary research before it reaches the market.
The company adopts stringent Quality control parameters to ensure consistent quality of its blend.
Our Vision is to enrich the taste and health of liquor-consumers, without compromising one aspect for the sake of another.
For us, to be the best means to provide outstanding quality to give every customer with our best brands .
We employed professionals, Executives, Skilled labour and a staff who are highly proficient and qualified. Most of the pure herbs in our herbs list are wild crafted from all over India, while few are cultivated by own using advance techniques of farming. At Natural Spirits we have specialized Bio Extraction process. This insures that all essential ingredients are retained in the products. In spite of having very large area of storage we are able to maintain necessary hygienic conditions and avoid the infestation of herbs from any harmful microorganisms. Our basic infrastructure comprises of the following units and machinery. Bio Liquors are World’s Innovative Technology in Liquor Industry we maintain high standards in Procurement of ENA, Grain Spirit, Malt Spirits.
With a view to obtain the market feedback, the company has conducted Market Research in 60 cities in various parts of the country and also abroad. Based on the positive response from the survey conducted, the company has launched its products in Pondicherry, Nepal , Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh.
By virtue of the encouragement received from the current Markets, the Company proposes to launch Pan India by March 2016 along with the United States, UK and Thailand.